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Fuck it. I'm going to have fun with lotrips. I don't care anymore.

I recently lamented the lack of a collaborative, collective fantasy headspace in lotrips like the one that enables SDB fans (as separate from some general popslash fans) to say that Joey and JC, for instance, are SO doing it without attendant concern over keeping fantasy and reality separate. And the lack of this collaborative fantasy space is interfering with my fun.

So this is my fun manifesto. Dammit.

Gun to my head, I am a "believer" in the fact that I want to believe that Dom and Elijah are a couple. This is a separate issue from the way I use RPS, the way I talk about them in the context of RPS, the way I look at them from within a "slashy" framework. If we're going to draw an FPS parallel, this desire is like the desire to see queer characters on television. It is metatextual and not the same thing as the interpretive headspace I am in when I talk about how Krycek SO wanted Mulder because I'm reading and discussing the text through a slashy lens.

Do I want to believe Dom and Elijah are together? Hell, yes. I'd like nothing better than for Dom and Elijah to be together and come out and be the gay "it" couple of Hollywood. I want to see queer celebrities, I want to see gossip about queer celebrities, the same way I'm fed gossip about J.Lo and Ben, Reese and Ryan, Nicole and Tom by People magazine and the National Enquirer. That's one of the reasons I haunted DataLounge's gossip threads LONG before the LotR movie. But the D&E thread at DL is INSANE. And it's not gossip in the traditional sense, it's been too infected with slashiness. This is why I prefer the Cliff's Notes thread - I get the essential gossip without the slashy lens. I can do my own interpreting, thanks.

It comes to my attention - and it's something I've worried about in the past - that I talk about the pop boys in a way that can be seen as completely inappropriate if I want to make the case for separating fantasy and reality in lotrips. That's because the words are essentially the same. "Justin and Lance are SO doing it" sounds pretty much the same as "Dom and Elijah are SO doing it," and yet the meanings are completely different when placed within their fandom contexts. Within fandom contexts, one comes across - because of the collaborative fantasy space inhabited by the people I play with in SDB fandom - as fantasy, while the other comes across - because of the fandom culture - as a comment on "reality" and is the potential spark for all kinds of kerfluffle.

I've talked about a "transparent veil" that separates fantasy from reality in SDB fandom - it's transparent, but it's still a veil, and it's tacitly understood to be there by the people who are playing together. It means there's not the need for constant disclaimers that "Joey and Lance are SO doing it, and I mean that in a fantasy, in-my-head way." The default mode of discussion is "through the veil" and if I'm going to talk about, gun to my head, what I ACTUALLY think is going on between Joey and Lance, generally I'm going to explicity state, somehow, that I've shifted over into talking about "reality."

People also understand that there's a difference. Slash is not gossip or speculation. Neither gossip nor speculation is slash.

One problem with lotrips, and one of the reasons it's ZERO FUN, is because this division doesn't get made (IMO, of course). And then everyone is left wondering which side of the veil people are operating on, and people operating on different sides of the veil are trying to use the same fora for different things, and the line gets obliterated and the veil gets torn and everyone begins to hunker down in their bunkers on either side, and it ruins my fun, dammit. It squicks me to hear about "reality" through a slashy lens because it's kind of like someone telling you that the vampires in Anne Rice's novels are really real; and it snaps me out of fantasy headspace when people talk about how it's all not actually really real, in order to give the fandom some perspective.

So, despite the fact that I've probably just alienated everyone, I'm hereby decreeing that we're going to have fun, dammit, at least in my LJ. This is a designated lotrips funzone, I'm going to talk about the lotrips boys the way I talk about the pop boys, and it's going to be with the understanding that I'm talking through the veil. If I choose to make a statement about "reality," such as the one where I talk about how I'd like to see Dom and Elijah come out and be the gay "it" couple of Hollywood, those statements will be marked as such.

On that note, let the fun commence.

So, reports are that domlijahbilly were shopping at Urban Outfitters, checking out the housewares.


buffett! buffett! Do you still have those spatulae ready for the housewarming gift? I've got to track down the wooden spoons.

Also, Billy Boyd is the smartest and/or luckiest guy in the world. Because not only does he get to see himself naked whenever he wants, but he's apparently going to be in position to get himself some prime hobbity goodness over New Year's. Little bit of Dom? Yeah, he can get some of that. Little bit of Elijah? Yeah, some of that, too.

Smartest. Man. In the world.

Also, for some reason, I'm developing a definite Billy/Elijah fetish lately.
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